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Mcvities Biscuits – Product Review.

I have never thought about reviewing products until I had it first time in my life.

As we know biscuits is an essential house hold item in every home, especially the family with children’s. And it’s a universal truth every one like to have biscuits with their evening tea. Tea time biscuits is not only children’s all members in the family love to have biscuits with the tea. 

But the truth is I normally avoid eating biscuits in all occasions, except when I have travel by train. Its better having biscuits then the oily fried items from the railway pantry car.

The main reason to avoid other occasions is I just want to avoid maida and sugar.

The reason I don’t go the biscuits or sweets area in super markets while I am at shopping. Recently by accident I just saw the Mcvities Biscuits, the packaging is attracted me with whole wheat caption.

I just checked over the Mcvities biscuits pack and found interesting in the content inside. 

I took a pack and bring home just to try it. It was really surprised me! As described on the pack, the Mcvities biscuits are made with whole wheat.

The best thing is it don’t have added sugar in it. So, I found solution for my tea time train while travel for long.

Yesterday I went to another hypermarket and found more varieties of the Mcvities and the other good quality is it don’t have trans-fat and zero cholesterol. I think who care much about their health like me, for them its ideal snacks with their evening tea.

Actually, I should say, you should try once to get feel of Mcvities biscuits, you can really see and feel the whole wheats are in it, its full of whole grain.

It’s advisable to the one who want to keep only healthy habits in their life. I am really thinking about to make Mcvities as my breakfast dish. What you think?

As we eat chapatis every morning for breakfast, its not fully made with whole wheat and to make chapatis using oil is another issue for the health.

That’s way I am thinking to put Mcvities biscuits are my breakfast dish. I think three or four pieces of Mcvities can keeps me healthy in the morning time. 

I think I forget to tell you this biscuit are having high fibre content. Its good to control the sugar level in the body. Normaly the whole wheat foods are not so tasty as the maida food does, but the Mcvities biscuits are good in taste too.

I think I have covered the most of my experience with Macvites biscuits in this review note, If you have some more experience with Macvites, write in the comment box, lets world read it and help them to be live healthy.