Brand Review

Breeze detergent powder an ideal solution for whiteness!

The Unilever product of Breeze detergent powder is the most selling washing powder in Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. Breeze detergent is now launched in the Thailand market and fast growing to get the major market share in the Thailand.

The soap less Breeze detergent powder have good demand in United States, the powerful cleaning agent Breeze is ideal for any branded washing machines. That’s the main reason to accept the Breeze detergent powder as the house hold item at every US homes since the launch of the products. The initial launch of the Breeze detergent was in the 1447.      

As a user aspect, Breeze detergent powder is easy to use and it gives clear whiteness for all kind of clothes. In some country’s Breeze detergent is marketing in other brand name as well.

According to Rossy Shaniya, from Philippines, I was using some cheep soap power to wash my family cloths, and never give a freshness for the cloth. She was really in trouble to wash their kids school uniforms. The white cloth never gets the brightness! 

The real washing trouble ended after using the Breeze detergent powder, in first use it self she found the difference in the product. “It was an amazing experience for me, I can’t believe the quality of the Breeze detergent, it’s made my kids white cloth so clean, it was really looking like brand new white shirt”. She added.

The brands of the day research team talked to housewife’s all over the region, 90% of women are happy with the result of Breeze detergent powder. Some are happy with it because it saves lots of time in washing. Breeze is really easy to use it.

Malaysian consumers have been added some more advantage of the Breeze detergent to our research team, as it good for brightness in white cloth, Breeze detergent is an excellent colour holder too. You do wash multiple time, the hard-dirty cloth, its make it clean and the cloth colour never fade.