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PVC pipe cement
silky joe

Square pipe closures fit cozily into the fittings, permitting a lot of contact territory for the dissolvable concrete to work. They likewise make a smoother inside surface for better water stream. A force miter saw and other uncommon tube cutters ensure square cuts, yet you don't need to purchase them. You can benefit work with simply a handsaw and an extemporized aide. The photograph demonstrates a simple to-utilize aide that is made by screwing together scraps of 2x4. 
For the best results, utilize a saw with fine teeth and a cutting edge that is 3 or 4 in. wide. A hacksaw is a poor decision on the grounds that the tight razor sharp edge has a tendency to meander effortlessly. Extraordinary saws for cutting plastic funnel are a beneficial speculation on the off chance that you do much pipes work. You'll see them in the pipes device territory or with the handsaws in most home focuses and handyman shops. Something else, any fine tooth saw will work.


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