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3M photo mount
silky joe

A solid, clear, non-staining proficient evaluation cement for mounting all highly contrasting and color photos. Apply Scotch Photo Mount to one or both surfaces. The bond is quick, extremely solid, and perpetual. 
Does the occupation well. I propose you utilize this procedure for your mounting. Works fine in case you're cautious. I discovered this tip on an alternate discussion. Take after the prior tip above to lay out both photograph and mounting board on daily paper to spread and don't touch until crude dry. Additionally be mindful so as not to touch the surface of the print with fingers that may have glue buildup. 
"Get a roller (hard elastic roller/brayer utilized for piece printing or a wood lacquer roller), a jar of 3M glue, and wax paper. 
Spread the again of the photograph and the board with the shower glue. Permit it so dry for a couple of minutes so it is not exceptionally sticky, however crude. Place your froth board on a hard/firm surface. Spot wax paper over the crude mounting board. Presently put your photograph on the wax paper and adjust edges as you wish(or simply focus it in the event that you will be trimming it later.) Now lift up deliberately one edge (a short side) of the photograph and force back the wax paper uncovering about an inch or somewhere in the vicinity of the print, and painstakingly start to rub it down (suggest utilizing white cotton photograph gloves and a material) onto the board. Presently, you can uproot the wax paper. Beginning starting from the glued end, tenderly rub down the print with the cotton material to hold the photograph set up. At that point work some way or another down the length of the photograph/board with the roller until you have followed the whole photograph. Do a little separation at once and make certain to completely roll the whole width for each short separation you hold fast to evade air pockets. In the occasion you wind up with an air pocket for reasons unknown, you can utilize a needle and cut either the back (foamcore) to let the freshen up, or cut the photograph itself.(You're unrealistic to see such a minor gap) Then simply move down the pocket."


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