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Shoe goo
silky joe

(1) Make beyond any doubt your Goo buy is later. The timeframe of realistic usability in your carport is not long. 
(2) Have both the shoes and Goo at room temperature. There are taking care of and curing issues in the event that you veer off from this perfect. 
(3) Lay out a greater number of daily papers than you might suspect and get a couple of paper-towels helpful. 
(4) Buy a huge sack of elastic groups unless you have truly a couple of sizes effectively (vital). 
(5) Using a little wire-brush (toothbrush style is best) clean out the territory to be stuck. Do this outside. Get out all the soil and sand, furthermore unpleasant up the surfaces. You can't paste to earth, and any little rocks will be in there until the end of time. Shoe must be totally dry (spot held open over a warmer vent for 24-hours if need be). 
(6) Goo paste it up. Be liberal, yet not very liberal. Be specific watchful to completely layer both surfaces at the edges of the shoe. 
(7) Rub the outside surfaces to squish the Goo around inside the sole. 
(8) Start putting on the elastic groups. You require a considerable measure. Space them each quarter crawl or closer on the stuck edge. 
(9) The shoe parts tend to open up, even with the elastic groups, so weigh again in 10 and 30 minutes. Include more elastic groups if necessary. 
(10) Let sit inside for 24 hours. Then again more.


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