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silky joe

I adore Twisties. My Mum used to by me a bundle daily when I was little and I even named my feline Twistie when I was 14. I am presently 44 and still love Twisites, they are my solace nourishment and constantly brighten me up, just by taking a gander at the bundling loaded with pleasant memories for me. I now purchase them not just for myself however formy two excellent Nephews. 
Simply needed to say an enormous thank you for a lifetime of memories and a yummy treat. It's true to the point that life is really straight without Twisties.

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silky joe

I've been a Twisties young lady for as far back as I can recollect. Chicken will do after all other options have been exhausted however cheddar is the best. Since moving to London in '98 I've figured out how to attempt a couple of more nearby incarnations of the expelled delicacy - Fonzies in Italy and one I found on Amazon from Malta, however Australia does it by a long shot the best. Much thanks to you SANZA for helping me stay normal in this area where the corner shop does not stock my longing. 
They are simply so delightful and I simply love them! The mushy corn flavor is such a great amount of better than whatever other nibble I have attempted. 
Nothing contrasts and Twisties. They are so overpoweringly crunchy and mushy, you simply can't stop! Essentially paradise! Wish they made an enormous gathering sack size (however I still wouldn't impart!

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ABHINAV PARKHE I think everyone should wake up. Twisties have changed the amount you get down from 200g to 175g and now 155g and blow the bag up so you can't tell and make you pay the same


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